Nick Hutchings Architect Ltd. Newark

4, 6, 8 & 10 Plumptre Street. Nottingham. 

This was a conversion of a listed building (no,8 &10) in the centre of Hockley. The development was in two buildings. The 4 and 6 part utilized the lower levels and the high ceiling heights. Floors were removed to form additional levels and car parking within the fabric, all hung from a new steel frame that supported the existing and new structures and generated 23 units. The listed section nos. 8 and 10 formed an additional six units utilising the basement for one apartment which included some extension work to the rear, retaining all the staircases. Steel frame and timber structural floors. Existing masonry. 29 apartments – costs are unknown.                           

                                                                                          52.951656, - 1.142050

completed whilst working at Henry Mein Partnership